K.AL.O is self-organized

ERT3’s “antidrastirio” present the first episode of the tribute to the Hellenic meeting of collaborative ventures of social and solidarity economy “KALO” that took place in Karditsa. More that 50 collectives from all Greece, discussed about their coordination actions for self-organized networking, aiming to promote the values of cooperatives and to create common support services in the financing, production and promotion of their products.

In the frame of the networking, it was also considered to joinly push for changes ion the legislative framework and to also start a consultattion between the cooperatives towards the establishment of a pan-Hellenic collective body.

It was a two day meeting for the everyday problems of ventures, legal barriers, cooperative framework, democratic functioning, social and coolective benefit.

You can watch the ERT3 broadcast on the “K.AL.O. is self-organized” here.